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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device or any other device with access to the internet, containing information about your navigation on that site.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to facilitate navigation, making it faster and more efficient. No personal information is ever stored in a cookie. 

What are the different types of cookies?

  • Functional Cookies - Enable websites to save your preferences, such as font and font size.

  • Permanent cookies - These remain in operation, even when you have closed the browser. They remember your login details and password so you don’t have to type them in every time you use the site.

  • Session cookies - Temporary cookies that identify and track users within our websites, applications or services which are deleted when you close your browser or leave your session in the application or service.

Can I control or disable cookies?

Yes, all browsers allow the user to accept, decline or delete cookies. Note however that by disabling cookies, you can prevent certain web services from working properly, affecting, partially or totally, the navigation on the website.

To block or delete cookies from this website, you can modify your browser settings. Although the parameterization of each one is different, it is common to configure in the Preferences or Tools menu. For more information on configuring cookies, please refer to the Help menu on your browser.

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